Which Is The Better Option For Expats; Spain Or France

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The European Union has recorded quite a lot of expats migrating into its different countries with no likely end in sight. This can be attributed to the numerous benefits which are offered by these countries generally. The use of travel companies or agencies is no longer a new thing to people. However, care must be taken to help make the right choice of company to use. You can take a look at OpinionesEspana which is a reviewing platform and make your decision based on customer reviews. . 

Intending expats are then faced with the task to determine which of the countries to move to. Generally, when thinking of migrating to a European country, the two most popular country choices are France and Spain. Probably because of the high-quality Spanish online services, Spain has recorded more immigrants than France. This is not to say that Spain is a better choice though, it really depends on the individual’s choice. 

This article will help highlight the pros and cons of staying in the two countries and leave it to the individual to make their choice according to their preference. Below are some of the factors that should be considered when making a choice;

How expensive is the region?

The cost of living in both countries is one factor that makes them differ greatly. Life in Spain seems to be cheaper than life in France. Basic amenities like accommodation cost a lot less in Spain than in France, goods are also mostly sold at a lower price in Spain than in France.

However, the cost of living in Spain is also directly proportional to the wages paid. Therefore, jobs offer less wages in Spain than in France, making the lower purchasing power of France stronger than that of Spain. 

Standard of living

The cost of living is considered quite different from the standard of living. The standard of living in both countries is more about how high the quality of life is. As members of the European Union, Spain and France can be considered to have similar standards of living in terms of education and healthcare especially. 

Although, there is still a bit of difference here and there. Residents in Spain are more inclined to English speaking than those in France, this makes Spain a better option for people who cannot speak the local language. 

However, individuals who are more particular about things like culture and ports will find it better to stick to France. The French government places a lot of focus on funding sporting events. Plus, the country is also widely known for its rich cultural history in the world. So it is a preferred choice if you are into these things. 

Spain is not also a bad choice as it offers a diverse mix of these cultures and food. 


For individuals in a strange land, the weather is a major source of concern. There is a major weather difference between Spain and France. Spain is popularly known for its hot weather as they are blessed with a lot of sunshine while France has a milder weather climate

Both countries have their time of snow for individuals that love hiking but France definitely tops Spain in that aspect. 

Both countries are great choices, which is why choices are then made from an individual’s personal preferences.